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Customized Clothing

In addition to supplying off the shelf garments, we havefacility to provide Customized cloths. This service allows control over thefabric composition, weight and color, as well as offering personalized clothinglabels and packaging.

commission editems include all types of clothing,from polos and sweatshirts. If purchased in large numbers, commissioned itemscan be less expensive than many standard stock items.

Lead times for commissioned garments will belonger than standard items;usually between 30 to 60 days from sample approval.There is usually minimum order of 1000 to 4000 garments depending on theparticular item and smaller top up orders may not be possible.

How to order commissioned clothing:

·        The customer provides a technical specification/design or a samplethat they wish to base their order on.

·        Corporate Wear then produce a quote with any additionalrecommendations on fabrics, sizing and branding. Most commissioned quotes areonly valid for a set time due to fluctuating raw material costs.

·        Corporate Wear provides proofs and design drawings for checking.

·        Once the proofs are confirmed a per-production sample is made andsent for approval.

·        At this point often minor alterations such as logo positioning orslight color changes are made to the product and it is re-sampled.

o    Once the amendedsample is approved, full size set samples are made and sent for a final checkand confirmation.

o    Production beginswhich, depending on complexity and quantity, can take between 90 and 100 daysfrom final confirmation.


Daso Clothings always offer the very best possible prices tomeet our customers’ specific requirements.

Mostof the items on this site have a scale of prices for different quantities; wecan also offer further discounts for high quantities or orders with multipleitems. Our policy is always to treat each inquiry individually and produce themost competitive quotation possible.

To find out more, just call us or email your requirements andwe’ll do the rest. Our quotes are always without obligation, so why not contactus today on +919921019330 or email